Sareesha Pillay

Sareesha Pillay is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Public Management and Leadership. Sareesha holds a PhD in Public Administration from the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University.   She lectures both undergraduate and postgraduate modules in the Department, and supervises research students at the Honours, Masters and Doctoral levels. She is also currently the programme leader for the Bachelor of Administration Programme. Her areas of research include disability studies, Public policy and citizen inclusive development.                                            


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-  Current: National Research Foundation Thuthuka Grant holder 2020

- Project: Citizen Inclusive Development within a New Public Governance framework: A South African Perspective

- current: Internal Examiner of Master’s treatises in the Department of Public Management & Leadership

- 2018 - current: Advisory Editorial Board Member: Journal of African and Asian Local Government Studies

- 2014: Peer-Reviewer : Journal of Africa Institute of South Africa