Published journal articles (DHET accredited)

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5.Ngcamu, B.S. and Chari, F., 2020. Drought Influences on Food Insecurity in Africa: A Systematic Literature Review. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 17(16), p.5897.

       Conference proceedings (DHET accredited)


1.Ngcamu, B.S. 2020. Disaster management programmes in South African universities. 11th International Conference on Social Sciences (ICSS 2020).
2.Ngcamu, B.S. 2020. Challenges and opportunities brought by transformation in a South African university. 11th International Conference on Social Sciences (ICSS 2020).



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Research/Publications highlights to date


  • Editing a textbook for Van Schaik “Introduction to Research” : A workplan has been submitted and documentation for the approval and sign-off of a book budget will be submitted by the Commissioning Editor
  • External examiner for the University of Stellenbosch
  • Independent peer reviewer for DHET accredited journal within the Academy of Science of South Africa
  • Journal Peer Reviewer for interdisciplinary journal for the Study of Arts and Humanities in Southern Africa


Research/Publications highlights to date (continued)


  • Administratio Publica: A Local Government Turnaround Strategy from a South African perspective. 2016
  • Journal of Transdisciplinary Research in Southern Africa: Creating a virtuous cycle for increasing trust in local government, 2020.
  • Book Chapter 6 in book series (AOSIS Scholarly Books): A governance perspective in promoting co-production of public services to improve trust in governance. Submitted 2019.
  • Administratio Publica: E-government strategies in South Africa: A plausible attempt at effective delivery of services.