Published journal articles (DHET accredited)

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4. Jakoet-Salie. A. 2016: Paper published in Vol 24, Issue 1 of Administratio Publica 2016: A LOCAL GOVERNMENT TURNAROUND STRATEGY FROM A SOUTH AFRICAN PERSPECTIVE




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  • Pillay, S. 2017. The Role of Constitutionalism in Promoting the Democratic Rights of Persons with Disabilities in South African Public Policy in the Democratization of Africa: Dynamics and Trends. Texas: Pan African University Press.




Research/Publications highlights to date


  • Editing a textbook for Van Schaik “Introduction to Research” : A workplan has been submitted and documentation for the approval and sign-off of a book budget will be submitted by the Commissioning Editor
  • External examiner for the University of Stellenbosch
  • Independent peer reviewer for DHET accredited journal within the Academy of Science of South Africa
  • Journal Peer Reviewer for interdisciplinary journal for the Study of Arts and Humanities in Southern Africa


Research/Publications highlights to date (continued)


  • Administratio Publica: A Local Government Turnaround Strategy from a South African perspective. 2016
  • Journal of Transdisciplinary Research in Southern Africa: Creating a virtuous cycle for increasing trust in local government, 2020.
  • Book Chapter 6 in book series (AOSIS Scholarly Books): A governance perspective in promoting co-production of public services to improve trust in governance. Submitted 2019.
  • Administratio Publica: E-government strategies in South Africa: A plausible attempt at effective delivery of services.