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Nelson Mandela  University opened on 1 January 2005, the result of a merger of the PE Technikon, the University of Port Elizabeth and the PE campus of Vista University. Drawing on the merger partners' track record of more than a century of quality higher education, research and technological innovation, NMMU brings together the best of career-focused and academic education - a dual university offering both general and professionally oriented university programmes as well as technologically and career oriented programmes from the entrance level (certificate level) through to the research level (Ph D level).  

The Bachelor of Administration (BAdmin) is a multi-faceted and comprehensive programme which aims to develop excellence in the practice and analysis of Public Administration, Industrial Psychology, Sociology, Business Management, and Political Studies.

Depending on their area of specialisation, learners will be equipped for careers in the clerical, administrative and management divisions of the public and private sectors and in consultancy, entrepreneurship, non-government organisations and community - based organisations.


Matriculation Exemption


Three years full time or four years part-time


The specialist trained through this programme will, among others, have knowledge of

  1. Public Policy Formulation and Analysis
  2. *Governance and Administration
  3. *Human Resource Management
  4. *Public Service Delivery
  5. *Public Finance Management
  6. * The nature and functions of state and parastatal institutions
  7. The relationship between *government and *business
  8. *International Public Administration


The programme consists of fundamental modules, which provide the learner with study and workplace skills, as well as compulsory core modules and a range of elective modules from which learners may choose. Modules will carry a certain number of credits and learners must obtain at least 360 credits to obtain the degree.

The programme includes practical work such as community projects and presentations of students' own research.

Learners may choose from one of four streams, according to their interests and career path. Public Administration is common to all four streams and learners choose an additional specialisation in Industrial Psychology, Sociology, Business Management or Political Studies


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Ms Zandile Maqoko
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